I’m Back

After a hiatus away from reporting on professional wrestling. I am back baby. They say follow your dream, follow your passion, well, I stepped away from it. I left my passion for covering professional wrestling and gaming news. And ever since I have been in a state of stagnation. I tried other paths but none gave me the same satisfaction I got from covering pro wrestling and gaming while I was seeking my Master’s degree in Journalism. Just how I credit Pro Wrestling for saving my life as a youth ” read my about me” I can credit it for making it a lot easier in school because I was covering my passion. I had it all wrong when I quit reporting. I thought it was supposed to be all about making money. However, money is important but it is not everything in life. Sometimes you just need to do what you love and try to make an honest leaving in the process. Rather that be having another income or creating multiple streams. As a writer and reporter, I have found the only thing I have a passion to┬ácover is pro wrestling. I have not desire to cover politics or other topics. I have tried, it just didn’t feel right and I was not being true to me. So it is time for all the small chit-chat and time to dive in once again to all the pro wrestling news you can handle. The relaunch will focus on news and one on one interviews from the pro wrestling world and community. It is a fresh start, some content will be old from the early days of this website and during my Journalism student beginnings. They have a special place in my heart on this website. Look for new content coming soon.

Welcome Back!
Vee “I Am Slam” Williams

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